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Features & Specification



    • What is the exact location of the project?
    • The project stands on a 3,037.32 sq.m. property along Bank Drive, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City. 
    • It is strategically situated in the center of some of the most prominent establishments of Ortigas Center such as The Podium (on the east), SM Megamall (on the west), the Asian Development Bank (on the north) and Main Headquarters of San Miguel Corporation (on the south).
      2. What is the total lot area of the building?
    • The project sits on two contiguous lots with a combined area of 3,037.32 square meters.
  • 3. What is the total number of floors of the project?
    • The BSA Twin Towers is a 55 storey commercial /residential condominium building.  Its floors are broken down as follows:
      • Six (6) Basement Levels – Parking
      • Ground Floor Level – Commercial Units
      • Four (4) Podium Levels – Parking
      • Three (3) Podium Levels – Office Units
      • 42 Levels (9th to 51st Floors) – Residential Units
      • 2 Levels (52nd to 53th Floors) – Amenities (swimming pools, function rooms, gym, day care, etc.)
      • 1 level  ( 54th Floor) Premium Units
      • 1 Level (55th Floors) –   Sky Suites
    • What is the length of the frontage of the property?
    •       Along Bank Drive?
    • The frontage of the property along Bank Drive is 44.00 meters long.
    • What is the vertical clearance of the Lobby?
    • The floor to ceiling height of the Lobby varies from 3.75 to 4.45 meters.
    • What is the area measurement of the Lobby?
    • The building has two (2) lobbies, one for each tower and measures 100 sq.m. each.
    • What materials will be used for the Lobby?
  •    Flooring -    Marble
    • Walls     -     Paint finish w/ wood veneer & wallpaper accents
    • Ceiling -     Paint finish w/ chandelier & Cove lightings 
  • 4.   How many elevators will be provided and what is the maximum capacity
  •                               of each?
    • There are ten (10) elevators.
    • Each tower is provided with four (4) high-speed elevators each with a maximum capacity of 17 persons or 1,170 kgs
    • Serving all floors from Basement 6 up to the 54th floor or Upper Roof Deck level. 
    • The podium levels from ground to 8th floors area also served by two (2) additional passenger elevators.
    • What is the area of the elevator lobby?
    • The area of the elevator lobby is 16.70 sq.m.
    • What floors will be covered by the typical residential unit?
    • The residential units start at the 9th floor up to the 51st floor or Upper Penthouse Level or a total of 42 residential floors (no 13th floor).
      2 What is the floor to floor height?
    • The height of the typical residential floors is 3.20 meters (floor to floor).
    • What is the floor to ceiling height of each unit?
    • The floor to bottom of slab height is 3.10 meters.  Depending on the unit owner, they can opt to have a drop ceiling the height of which can range from 2.50 up to 3.00 meters from the floor.
    • What materials will be used for the interior of the residential units?
      • Flooring -  Porcelain Tiles & Wood Vinyl Planks
      • Ceiling   -   Paint finish
      • Walls     -   Paint finish
    • Toilet and Bath Area
      • Flooring - Ceramic tiles
      • Walls - Ceramic tiles
      • Ceiling - Paint finish
    • Living Room
    • Floor  - Porcelain Tiles
    • Ceiling - Paint finish
    • Walls - Paint finish
    • Dining Area / Kitchen /
    • Flooring - Porcelain tiles
    • Walls - Paint finish
    • Ceiling - Paint finish
      5.  Is there a provision for split-type air-con units?
    • Each unit has a provision for window-type air-con units but the unit owner may also opt for split-type air-con units.
      • 6.   Will there be a mechanical exhaust system for the Toilets and Kitchens?
    • All of the Toilets and Kitchens are provided with built-in exhaust ducts in every unit
    • But only the Toilets are provided with built-in exhaust fans connected to the ducts. 
    • For the Kitchen, each unit owner shall provide for his own range hood and connect it to the duct.
  • 7.   What are the other services that will be offered?
    • We have a Condotel  advantage, a hotel type service to be operated by the expertise under the Management of St. Francis Square Condotel Corporation.
    • What are the type of units?
  •           Residential
      • studio
      • one bedroom
      • Options for two bedroom / 3 bedrooms
    • 3 floors – from 6th  to 8th floor 

                  Commercial spaces
Ground floor level 
2.   Parking  levels : 
Podium 2   
Podium 3  
Podium 4  
Podium 5            
Basement 1            
Basement 2       
Basement 3 
Basement 4 
Basement 5 
Basement 6  
 3.   Are there balconies / terraces ?   None


    • How many parking levels will be provided?
    • The building has 6 basement and 4 podium parking levels.
    • What is the total number of parking slots?
    • The building has a total of 649 parking slots :
    • 396 slots at the 6 basement parking levels and
    • 253 slots at the podium parking levels. 
    • For now there is no distinction for the parking as to guests, residents or commercial areas. 
    • What is the size of each parking slot?
    • Each parking slot generally measures 2.50 meters width by 5.00 meters length (12.5 sq.m.); however, this may vary a little in some areas due to structural constraints (i.e. columns). 
  • 4.    What is the vertical clearance of the carpark?
    • 2.1 meters
  • 5.     What is the size of the driveway of the parking area?
    • The width of the driveway at the parking levels ranges from 5.00 to 6.00 meters.
        6.     What are the safety features of the building ?
    • Each tower has 2 remotely located and pressurized fire exit stairs that goes from topmost floor to the 6th basement.
    • Fire Sprinklers
    • Smoke Detectors
    • CCTV Cameras
    • 24 hours Security
  •    7.       How many water tanks will be provided?
    • The building has a single large water reservoir below the 6th basement.  Also a mid-level water tank at the 29th and 30th floors of each tower plus a top level water and fire tank at the 52nd floor of each tower.  All in all a total of five (5) water tanks.
          8.       How many gensets will be provided?  What are their corresponding    
  •              capacities?
    • The building is provided with two (2) gensets, one for each of the tower.
    • Each genset unit has a capacity of 800kw sufficient to provide emergency     
    • power to the elevators, pumps, blowers and lighting for hallway, fire exit stairs and all common areas.
      • In addition, each residential unit is also provided with emergency power for 2 convenience outlets and 1 refrigerator outlet, as well as 1 light fixture.
      9.   Where will the gensets be located?
    • The gensets are located at Basement 1.
          10. Can the gensets provide emergency power to the entire building?  
    • As mentioned above , the genset can only provide limited power to the entire building itemized as follows:
    • a.  Common Areas – 50% of all lighting and power.
    • b.  Commercial  Areas -  1 light fixture and 2 convenience outlets
    • c.  Residential  Units    -  1 light fixture, 1 refrigerator outlet and 2 convenience
          •       outlets.  
    • Lobby lounge                    -   Ground level       
    • Gym / Fitness Center   -  6th floor
    • Gazebo                              -   9th floor
    • Jogging Path              -   9th Floor 
    • Podium Garden                 -   9th Floor
    • Two (2) Swimming Pools  - Lap pool &  Lagoon Type – 52nd floor (main deck)
    • Main Deck Garden            -  52nd Floor (main deck)
    • Function Rooms    -  52nd floor & 53rd floor
    • Playroom      -  53rd floor (roof deck)
* Information given is a general over view of the project. The Developer reserves the right to modify as it sees fit without prior notice. 
* For Training Purposes Only.          
    • As of December 18 ,2009