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Houses for Lease in Makati as of February 2009
la: lot area fa: floor area

Forbes Park
Five Bedrooms+den, two-storey, with pool, Semi-furnished LA2,300 FA1000 P6500$/mo+dues

Five Bedrooms+den, two storey, with pool, Semi-furnished LA2,244 FA1000 P350,000/mo+dues

Three Bedrooms+den, bungalow, with pool, Unfurnished LA2,500sq.m P280,000/mo+VAT+dues

Dasmarinas Village
Four Bedrooms+den, bungalow, pool, Semi-furnished, LA1000 FA600, P120,000/mo+VAT+dues

Three Bedooms+den, two-storey, Unfurnished LA744 P170,000/mo+dues

Five Bedrooms+den, two storey, pool, Semi-furnished LA933 P200,000/month+VAT+dues

Three Bedrooms+den, three storey, pool, Semi-furnished LA700 FA1000 P200,000/mo+dues

Seven Bedrooms+den, two storey, pool, LA1000 P275,000/month+dues

Four+den, two storey, pool, Unfurnished Lot Area1,500sq.m P350,000.00/mo plus dues

Three Bedrooms, two storey, pool, Unfurnished Lot Area 800 sq.m P150,000/mo plus dues

Urdaneta Village
Four Bedrooms+den, bungalow, pool, Unfurnished LA 1,200 sq.m FA 600 sq.m P100,000.00/mo

Three Bedrooms, two storey, pool, Semi-furnshed, LA1000 sq.m FA400 sq.m P150,000.00/mo

Three Bedrooms+den, bungalow, pool, semi-furnished, LA 1,050 FA 700 sq.m P175,000.00/mo

Bel Air
Three Bedrooms+den, duplex, Unfurnished  Lot Area 255 sq.m P80,000.00/mo plus dues

Three Bedrooms, bungalow, Unfurnished Lot Area 580 sq.m P150,000.00/mo